Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fashion Style Women and Men's

Fashion is constantly changing and some parts that historically have been designed for men are now very popular among women. Hats and bags in particular have become more unisex and are now acceptable for both sexes to use regularly. Small variations in the tissue still distinguish individual styles are wearable by men or women, but not much more . The bowler hat, bag and hat newsboy all took place in a wardrobe for men and women.

The newsboy hat is similar to the flat cap , but is fuller and more rounded in appearance. It was a popular style for men and children in the early 19th and 20th centuries . While newspaper companies and others in the labor market were blue collar workers this kind of hat , which was acceptable to all classes that use this style. However, while the lower class wore under their uniforms , the upper classes wore during leisure activities . In the 2000s , this hat has become popular among women and was conducted in softer fabrics to suit your tastes .

Bowler ( also known as a derby hat ) is made ​​of felt with a rounded crown. It was designed for a politician , but it soon became popular among the working class. Contrary to popular belief, the bowler is the most popular hat in the American West . It was preferred by cowboys and railroad workers, and did not blow the head easily . This hat has a strong international influence of Bolivia Africa because the British railway workers . Charlie Chaplin wore the hat in the famous movie " The Tramp" . Today, the bowler Bolivian culture and British high society stands , but this style is enjoyed by everyone all over the world .

Portfolios were once a " men only " accessory . The style was simple and consisted of a shoulder strap , a flap and closed holding curls . Bags are structured like a briefcase. They have evolved in different shapes and sizes , and now the word " binder " means any stock that is rigid and can stand on its own . The components are optional and so is the shoulder strap . Folders for contemporary women are more flexible in appearance, size and color of the male version , which has remained more or less close to the original style.

In this changing world of fashion , styles and trends change every day. Classic pieces , however, remain in their designs. What changes is its versatility and ability to be worn or used by both sexes.


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