Friday, December 27, 2013

Engagement Rings - Which Diamond Cut is the Best?

Wedding rings symbolize an emotional commitment and intention to marry . They are designed to be used for life. So naturally , you want to buy the best engagement rings you can. And that usually means buying the best diamond that you can . So who is the best diamond cut for an engagement ring ?

It really is like asking " How long is a piece of string? " The answer depends on so many variables that it is impossible to answer easily.

In essence , the "best " cut depends on what you mean by the term better.

The best cut in absolute terms
The cut of a diamond is in the shape of a diamond was faceted . Some diamonds are cut more accurately than others. A GIA Diamond Grading Report authentic quality diamond cutting and qualities as an ideal or excellent, very good, good , fair or poor . Diamonds with a ranking of ideal or excellent cut diamonds are the most precious and are therefore best tracks, regardless of the form of diamond.

The best cut for maximum brightness
If you consider the best diamond to be one that has the best bang , then you should buy a diamond round brilliant cut white with clarity and classification can pay cut and put in a solitary pin .

Once away from the brilliant cut , the amount of reduced brightness . This is due to the difference in the size of the facets for the different forms of diamond . A good example of marquise cut may well seem to have a shadow in the center of the bow tie ! However, if you are looking for the best sparkle , avoid the faceted emerald diamonds because it gives them less bright.

The best cut of individuality
White round brilliant diamonds represent a large percentage of the engagement ring diamond cuts. Some estimate that 75 % of all gem quality diamonds sold. So if you want something that will show your personality, the round brilliant cut is the worst cut for you! In this case, a section of fans as marquise , heart, or even a trillion Esmeralda will be the best fit.

The best cut for you
You are the only person who can decide what is the best cut diamond for your engagement ring. Buying diamonds is all about personal appreciation of the gemstone. After all , engagement rings never bought solely for their investment value ! So find the best clarity , better color diamond with the highest cut grade you can afford. After that , just choose a way that you think you will like . You get the best cut diamond her engagement ring !

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